Amala is Sanskrit for “Pure”...

...and that is our mission, to bring you the purest, most natural but powerful solution for problem skin.

Why this cream?

We have combined 3 powerful natural therapeutic modalities into one miracle cream. Our base cream is made with Ionic Colloidal Silver which is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory healing cream that assists with treating a range of skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, rashes, inflammation, itching, swelling, flaking among other skin ailments. To that we have added a blend of carefully selected tissue salts especially selected for their cellular balancing properties, and a selection of pure Essential Oils, also chosen for their powerful therapeutic benefits for the skin.

The results are a natural alternative to cortisone creams. It can also be used as a baby bum rash cream, a cream for dry skin, a foot cream and a hand cream to counter the drying and painful effects of too much hand sanitizer.

Beautiful thoughts from our clients


”My little girl had terrible nappy rash and I was struggling to treat it. I used this cream at night and it was already almost gone the next morning!.” 


” Nothing was helping my daughters eczma and it was so painful and making her to stressed. We started using Amala cream and noticed a difference within days.” 

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” my very dry skin and sore and chapped hands were becoming a nightmare and having to use sanitizer all the time was making it worse and worse. I now use Amala miracle cream on my hands (a little goes a long way too) and it's just amazing how much better they feel!”